I am almost 40 now and have been interacting with people since last 21 years

During my career in pharma sales,insurance as well as during my legal battle I had a chance to come accross people who are proud of their qualifications, are successful and are happy to call themselves professionals.

A definition of professional can be looked up in any dictionary but I think people confuse among professionally qualified and professional, a professional would have a qualification but a qualified person may not be a professional.

Usually a person approaches a professional for guidance- paid or free and expects to be relieved of problem.

The goal of a professional is to understand the need and then offer guidance so as to felicitate the client but in actual practice what we see is a person who is  super smart, has all the shortcuts, reaches conclusions fast and ready to deliver judgmental quotes.

Of course we approach such people who are smart, who know shortcuts, who can reach conclusions fast but the catch phrase is- “ who is the beneficiary?”- the client who pays as demanded or the professional who is paid for the service given? Rarely I have seen a pair of client and service provider working as a team, there is always an air of superiority around the service provider. Why So?

Core of any relationship or business is understanding the need and offering a need based solution but people are too busy to listen, too busy to understand, over estimating the value of their time that instead of offering a need based solution to client they are happy to do things  the way it suits them making their work easy without actually knowing the need forgetting that it is the need of client which is to be tackled .

A client centric approach or the lack of it differentiates the professional from just professionally qualified.

 Do We have it in Us?


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