subhashita- vedic wisdom

अग्नि शेषः ऋण शेषः शत्रु शेषः तथैव च पुनः पुनः प्रवर्धेत तस्मात् शेष न कारयेत

fire loans and  enemies,if remain is small  traces will grow again so finish them completely.

धारणादधर्मंमित्याहु धर्मो धारयते प्रजाः

यस्यादधारणसंयुक्तं  स  धर्मं इति निश्चय

The word “dharma” is derived from “dharana”. It is dharma which hold society together.

its a beautiful deifinition of dharma- all acts and intentions which result in holding the society together may be called as Dharma.


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