Misuse of laws- isnt it an Anti- National -Activity ?

Constitution of a nation is designed to ensure welfare of its people and laws are designed to ensure justice in line with national constitution.

the people who go against law are known as criminals because they go against the law of land,against the constitution of nation but what about people who misuse the laws for their own selfish purposes ?

what about people who promote such activities by promoting such wrong doers or by saving such people ?

Are such people not criminals ? should such people be not declared antisocial/anti national  personalities ?

when going against law is taken as insult to constitution then why  women or  men who misuse the  law are not termed as traitors and punished accordingly ?

When will we start respecting our Law  and till when we shall keep on letting such  law abusers spoil lives of others ?

I am trying to find an answer, if you have kindly share. If you dont have, ask someone around you, ask the person who represents you in parliament, but kindly think and answer.


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