Respect people for their deeds not for their gender

The Male Factor

In recent times India has seen a sudden spurt in women related crime covering all kinds of media. There is a belief set in our minds that suddenly this nation has become very cruel to its fairer sex. Indian men are termed as rapists and abuser globally. The nation has observed many male celebrities coming forward and saying how they are “ashamed of their manhood”. Many campaigns regarding save our girls came into effect. Many multinational brands wanted to take this opportunity and designed special marketing campaigns to increase their customer base. We have seen men are asked to be “Soldiers” for the women. Everywhere it is projected that Indian men need to respect the women. Period.

When we switch to any media, almost every day we see one rape case reported from different parts of India. Each of these cases takes a substantial portion of every media and hence occupies lion’s share of our attention too…

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