What is misandry (male hatred) and how we all spread it

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The Male Factor


One of the reasons I am compelled to write this article on a topic that our society generally do not understand is the concept of misandry. Only a few Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) talk about it and fight against it. The concept of misandry is not clear to many MRAs as well. That is the reason we see many MRAs turn into feminists after a few months of activism.

As men are by nature protectors of weaker people, so it is by nature we men try to protect women, elderly and children. In this process, men end up in terming their own selves as criminals because, in order to save the weaker section, men have to fight against other men. So they end up terming other men (except themselves) as criminals and spread misandry. Since it is by nature men are protectors of weaker people, any man refusing to do so is termed as weak…

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