Anger of Kalika.

The usual pictures we see of Kalika depict her in an angry mood and so does the dhyana shlokas as a result of which usually people consider her to be a ferocious goddess.

The only thing to be kept in mind is the reason of her anger.her anger is directed towards the negative and demonic forces so if you have a vision of Kalika in an angry mood, she is just telling you to come out of negativity.

Kalika will by default attack the demonic forces around you or in you in a fierce manner and till she the demons in you, she may appear to be fierce.

But once you achieve a state which is called “Saatvic” or pure/clean,the form would change.

the bottom-line is : do not be afraid, just remember that Kalika is a strict mother who would instill discipline in you,put you on right path,remove the darkness and love you once you kill the demons inside you with her help.


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  1. sameer bhola
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 11:55:03

    Nice to read about Kalika .. anger … But why do we get angry when our wishes does not come true…


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