Sri Baglamukhi.

I have been trying to write this since long but have been stopped somehow on one pretext or the other and have always taken it as a divine signal to stop writing on subject.

what I am going to write is not new,may be just re arranged thoughts and lessons which i learnt in last few years about Sri Baglamukhi, also known as Brahmastra vidya.

I have seen,met and interacted with people who have done sadhana of this form as well as those who have hired people to perform rituals on their behalf by priests.

I have seen people using this for petty court cases and for all kinds of disputes at the slightest provocation.

lets try to understand what may be benefits of worshiping her.

Bagalamba is mahavidya for the planet Mars. astrologically speaking Mars represents executive ability,ability to attack and fight and logic and mahavidya means – great/grand knowledge.

so what would Baglamukhi bless a person with : ability to dull the opponents through logic, ability to fight back and ability to finish assigned tasks in good manner.

Great knowledge includes knowing what to do and what not to do and it is here where people feel the backlash .all mahavidyas work by removing negativity first or in simpler words all mahavidyas purify so first thing you are going to be told is- what you should not have done, its not a simple run of things with mahavidyas,they will always support what is right.

mahavidyas being a source of knowledge work best through improving and purifying a person and hence some experts say that prayogas on behalf of others may not yield good results.

Baglamukhi has different aspects which classify baglamukhi as Mahavidya and siddhi vidya- its the mahavidya aspect which is Brahmastra vidya and teaches the art of war.

approach her only if you are ready and willing to accept your mistakes,need to learn the art of war,be on path of dharma, do not treat her as a goddess who would ensure victory in lawsuits even when you are wrong, what so ever anyone may tell you.

she will quieten the “dushta” evil and end all loose talk around you.

in Hindi :

बगलामुखी साधना के फलस्वरुप  आप के जीवन से बकवास ख़त्म हो जाएगी न कोई कर पाए गा न ही आप कर पायेंगे .

approach her with purity and she will give you such brightness that opponents will feel dull and paralysed.


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