Few lessons which I learnt from mahabharata

Mahabharata has a lot to learn for a person of this age and each one learns from it lessons as per his/her temperament.

If one thinks ,every character in this epic did what he/she thought was right, be it Bhishma,Karna or other characters.

I am just highlighting few things which I learnt from the great work of Sri Vedavyasa:

When the elders or the people who are in a position to guide the younger generations as source of wisdom align themselves people in power instead of aligning with the person who is right  due to any reason bad things happen and you would need the help and guidance of Sri Krishna to come out of such situation.

Before taking a vow always take guidance of seniors ,parents,teachers so that you may be enlightened about the far reaching effects of your vows. take the example of Devavarta (Bhishma)

knowledge gained by deceit will fail in times when you need it most so why to get it by deceiving your teacher or stealing it . the best way to get knowledge is to be truthful and humble before the Guru, you may not get what you want but whatever you get will be usable when you need it most.take the example of karna .

Knowledge and power should be given to people who have faith,understand its value and are mature enough to handle it just like Kunti did by trying the mantra given to her and gave birth to Karna accidentally.





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