Yoga-Yajnavlkya/ Yajnavlkya gita

Yoga Yajnavlkya is a text on yoga attributed to Rishi Yajnavlkya and is in form of a dialogue between Yajnavlkya and Brahmvadini Gargi.

spread over 12 chapters it demonstrates the basics of yoga principles applicable to both men and women establishing the fact that in vedic India both men and women were entitled to spiritual pursuits.

it defines the eight limbs of yoga with slight differentiation wrt patanjali yoga sutras.

yajnavlkya lists 10 yamas ( moral restraints ) as  ahimsa (non violence), satya (truth) ,asteya (non stealing) ,brahmacharya ( sexual restraint) , daya ( compassion/ sympathy) , arjava ( sincerity, straight forwardness) , kshama ( forgiveness) , dhriti ( mental firmness) , mitahara ( controlled diet ), shaucha ( purity ).

ten niyamas- things to do :

tapas ( penance ) , santosha ( contentment ) ,astikeya ( truthfulness ) , dana ( donation ) , ishvarapuja ( prayers ), siddhanta sharavana ( leaning vedanta principles ) , hiri ( withdrawing from things which cause shame ) , mati            ( sacred beliefs ) , japa ( repeating sacred syllables), vrata ( path to ethical conduct ).

ten yamas and ten niyamas as opposed to 5 in patanjali yoga sutras.

the test also speaks about other limbs of yoga as  asanas, nadis, pranayama ( breath control ), pratyahara ( turning inwards, focussing ) , dharana ( self absorption ), dhyana and samadhi.

the sanskrit text can be seen here :



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