A man without future engaged in an attempt to seek justice is the way few people describe me. In past I have worked in pharmaceutical sector as an area manager as well as operated my own business. My studies in astrology and spirituality started in 2005 . In last 9 years  after the forced closure of my business and loss of profession I  devoted my time in learning basics of vedic astrology, hindu scriptures,a bit of spirituality apart from a tiring litigation during my 498a case and my divorce case .

Presently I devote my time to update my knowledge of astrology & Hindu scriptures,interacting with people trapped in false dowry harassment cases and motivating them and try to maintain their faith in judicial system.

Kindly note that I am not a anti woman person, I do not plan to write against women , I would like to share my views without any bias towards any person.

I am a law abiding citizen and I respect the constitution of my country.I do not plan to write against any law but at times may write against the misuse of law and I hope you will know the difference between these two.

I am neither a lawyer nor a professional astrologer so I neither  give legal advise nor astrological remedies .

Looking back, in many ways I have been unlucky but I must admit that I have been very lucky in receiving guidance of very good teachers who taught me basics of subjects like management as well as astrology.

I shall always be thankful to sh Visti  for his help in darkest phase of my life when I had lost all hope as well as self confidence.Through him  I was able to re-access my self  and also learned a bit of astrology through  free lectures which he shared on net. I intend to enroll for classes to learn in proper manner through lineage once I am able to restart my career.

Here I will share my views about religion,astrology and the pain and shock suffered by people entangled in false 498A cases.

I shall try to share links and posts from other blogs and sites .

I wish that all understand that males form an integral part of society and need not suffer through misuse of process of law.I also wish that people when framed in false 498a cases stop treating themselves as victims and take on charge to work for betterment of society by fighting against misuse of such law. everyone male or female has a right to live with dignity.

lets work to make a more tolerant society where my son and children of all of us can live .

I may not be right at many places so please feel free to give feedback,astrology is a vast subject and I am a lifelong student .


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