lineage/gotra/kula of divorced hindu women

a few weeks ago it came to my mind –

scriptures say- family/lineage where women are victimized and harassed gets destroyed then which family/lineage to be considered doomed when a wife false frames women in false dowry harassment cases ?

i posted this query in some internet forums to seeks an answer – everyone said- after marriage husbands lineage is wife’s lineage and she can never revert back to father’s lineage once married.

logic given- husband and wife become one soul after marriage after performing 7th promise of saptapadi.

here is what I understand in this context  kinly correct me wherever i am wrong:

no doubt husband and wife become one soul as per saptapadi vows

hindu marriage is divided into 8 categories- 4 righteous and 4 non righteous. as per texts the righteous marriage are connected to lineages and non righteous are basically connected with carnal /material desires.

but can we consider a woman  :

forced to marry joining soul with husband ?

becoming soul mate of husband when she marries for money ?

becoming soul mate when she deceives someone into marriage ?

The concept of becoming one soul belongs to the righteous class of hindu marriages. and can not belong to rakshasa vivaha,asura vivaha and paishacha vivaha.

a woman logically inherits the lineage of husband when by heart and soul she accepts joining him i.e in case of righteous marriages and even in case of gandharva vivaha which though is not taken as a good marriage but has a content of surrender to partner and desire for union.

why would a woman who has joined souls with husband frame him and his family in false criminal cases ?

I understand it like this:

If the wife has been forced into marriage

or the motive is money at the time of marriage

or a deceptive marriage – joining of soul is difficult.

wife though staying with husband has not joined his lineage because the motive is other than the motive of continuance of lineage.

hence in case of divorce the gotra of such woman should be that of her father.

also kindly refer to an excellent Ph.d thesis which throws light on this matter

Position of Women in Vedic rituals by  sh.Jatindra Bimal Chaudhuri.

So I do understand that a woman who files false cases on husband’s family in fact causes destruction of her paternal lineage in long term.




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