Domestic violence and astrology

painful relationships is something which is not new neither is domestic violence.

Legal definition of domestic violence differs from country to country .

In nutshell domestic violence may be termed as one or all of these: inflicting physical.mental,emotional, financial and social ( in terms of spoiling someones reputation) injury.

needless to say that it is a gender neutral activity, both men and women have been found to be initiators of domestic violence resulting in creation of both feminist and masculist groups fighting for their rights.

We Indians believe in matching of horoscopes  to ensure a stable marriage but we find cases where despite a so called well matched horoscope the marriage runs into problems due to domestic violence.

Long ago while going a bad patch in life I was introduced to this concept which in within our texts but still overlooked by many astrologers while matching horoscopes.

Tithi- the lunar date, nakshatra- star occupied by moon,

rasi- sign occupied by moon,

vaar- weekday and lagna – ascendent

need to be looked into to analyze mental and emotional injury, damage to reputation and physical injuries respectively.

in case there is ghataka, it is better to avoid the match and if already married remedies need to be done under guidance of a good astrologer to minimize the injury thus stabilizing the  marriage.

for a male it is double injury because  a man who is a victim of domestic violence may still have to pay alimony to get out of a painful relationship which adds more to the pain.

Even when 36 guna match, marriage can be very painful for one or for both.

At that time I was directed to read  the details on website of Shri Sanjay Rath but that writeup is not available in today’s date however a fantastic detailed writeup on this topic with all relavent tables is available on website of Shri Sarajit Poddar, who is a student of Shri Sanjay Rath.

the article can be read here :

I would request all to consider this while horoscope matching .


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