Judgment by Bombay highcourt against wife. good one.

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judgements related to saptapadi in hindu marriage.

I am giving some links regarding saptapadi as in legal terms. it is strange that when no saptapadi mena s no marriage wrt hindu marriage in legal terms then why the meaning of saptapadi is being ignored while giving alimony to wives who are cruel ?

this is one of the latest judgements.





a lots of judgements related to subject, take time and read



A cruel wife needs to be punished for filing false affidavits as well as subjecting cruelty on husband.

Divorce should not be treated as a bonus to a victimized husband and punishment to a violent wife.

I  understand that the judge alone knows on what grounds he gives the decision as he is fully aware that judgements are going to be followed by lower courts and may set a trend leading to a social change .

why everyone wants husbands to be arrested for everything ?

Now a days when a child is scolded in school and he tries to something negative like suicide thereafter, the teachers are punished, parents are punished if such things happen at home but as soon as he grows up, upon any complaint by wife- true or false, his arrest is demanded. why counseling is not the first line of action here ?

Marital Rape- who should be prosecuted in reality in such a case

yesterday while watching TV came across a discussion on marital rape , hope you can view a part of it here


during the discussion what caught my attention was a comment – logic given by a feminist speaker which went like : “many times girl is not consenting to marriage and has to face marital rape by husband later on. marriage is not a license for sex blah blah” .

on closer examination of this statement we can see that :

there are 3 parties to a marriage where the consent by  girl is not given

(a) the Girl – future victim  – possible suffering.

(b) Husband – future accused – heavy suffering

(c) family/parents of girl who take forcible consent of girl : relieved of getting rid of daughter and her financial responsibilities.-  no punishment – no suffering.

The girl forced into consent for marriage may not be ready as well as not desirous of a physical relationship with husband- can lead to trauma.

but is she the real victim in such a case ?

Absolutely no.

The real victim in such case is husband.

a man who has been conned into a relationship is all set for a shock . there is no doubt that sex is a vital part of any marriage accross the world, thats why denial of conjugal rights or absence of conjugal relationships is a ground for divorce.

so if a man finds him such a situation –

should he treat the abla wife as sister, remarry her by giving away his assets ?

should try to assert his right and be booked for rape ?

take up the matter with family of wife and as a result find himself trapped in 498a ?

It will be the man who has been exposed to a fraud by family of wife so why should he suffer ?

why the feminists always ask punishment for men, why they dont ask punishment for the person who promotes crime which in this case would be parents of the girl.

should have been better if she had said if man tried to create physical relations with such a wife be stopped and the parents who forcibly take consent of marriage from their daughters be booked for criminal conspiracy and gang rape.

while the man should be given compensation for the harassment he has suffered.

by the way if anyone knows the conviction rate worldwide for marital rape kindly tell.

Men – its time to take an affidavit from the girl in presence of gazetted officer before entering into marriage that she is wilfully entering into marriage and knows what are her obligations as a wife.

ask relief for the victim, men can be victims in many cases ,accept this.

Promote laws which can prevent crime, punish the guilty not the ones which have a chance for gross misuse. any gun without a safety lock is a danger.

may we all live in peace – men and women.

may we seek justice for citizens and not limit us to just saying – city not safe for women when men also are being exposed to murders,looting daily.

देश के बेटे को भी न्याय मिलेगा क्या?

कुछ दिन पहले एक चैनल पर आ रहा था – अब मिलेगा देश की बेटी को न्याय , पिछले दिनों दिल्ली में हुए बलात्कार काण्ड में जो कानूनी धारा लगाईं  गयी उसके बारे में बताते हुए ऐसा कहा जा रहा था . इस में कोई शक नहीं की बलात्कार एक घिनौना अपराध है और पीड़ित को न्याय मिलना चाहिए लेकिन ऐसा ही एक घिनौना अपराध कानून का दुरूपयोग करके किसी का जीवन बर्बाद करना है . पिछले दिनों ही खबर थी – एक महिला ने बलात्कार का झूठा केस दर्ज करवाया , जब तक झूठा केस करवाने वाले को सजा नहीं मिलेगी तब तक कानून का दुरूपयोग होता रहेगा , महिलायों के खिलाफ अपराध के कानूनी संख्या बढती रहे गी , कानून बनते रहेंगे .

उम्मीद है किसी दिन ऐसी भी खबर आएगी – देश के बेटे को दहेज़ के झूठे मामले में फंसाने वाली बीवी के खिलाफ आरोपपत्र दायर – अब मिलेगा देश के बेटे को न्याय .

सपना है, सुंदर है ,कभी पूरा भी होगा .

अंग्रेजी में नहीं लिख रहा रहा क्यों की शर्म आती है कि हमारे देश में इतने साल से कानून का दुरूपयोग हो रहा है जिसको सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने भी माना है और सरकार को आदेश दिए हैं  दहेज़  कानून में संशोधन के लेकिन अभी तक कुछ नहीं हुआ . भारतीय इसे  पढ़ें , सोचें  कि क्या होना चाहिए – पीड़ित के लिए न्याय  या नागरिक के लिए न्याय  या महिला के लिए न्याय .

महिलाओं के प्रति संवेदनशील  होने का अर्थ यह तो नहीं की पुरुष के प्रति असंवेदनशील हो जाएँ .

नया सभी का हक है . पुरुष के बिना समाज की कल्पना करने वाले भी सोचें और जो ऐसा नहीं सोच सकते उनको तो सोचना ही चाहिए .

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